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Choosing what supplier to buy parts from is almost as important as choosing which parts to purchase. For some, supporting family-owned businesses is important; for others, it’s imperative they support fellow die-hard racers and enthusiasts. Michigan Motorsports, however, combines the best of both as the family-owned business was founded by racers and is committed to stocking high-quality, affordable performance parts for LS and LT engines. Established in 2012 by Dan and Easter Baber. Dan, an avid automotive enthusiast- specializing in Chevrolet’s famed LS engine platform, Michigan Motorsports has become one of the nation’s leading LS/LT retail parts suppliers. 

Easter was a special education teacher who worked in the Michigan Public School system for twelve years before she chose to leave her career in 2017 and instead focus her efforts full-time on Michigan Motorsports; Dan also left his full-time job that same year. Together, the couple and their three sons, who have all played key roles in the establishment and growth of Michigan Motorsports, have built an LS and LT legacy.

Based out of Niles, Michigan, the company’s mission is to sell the highest quality, most affordable LS/LT products on the market and is proudly family-owned and operated. The core family values of loyalty, commitment, and respect have helped guide the incredible growth that Michigan Motorsports has experienced over the past ten years while also helping to gain respect and trust from their customers. So, not only does Michigan Motorsports help piece together the best assortment of essential parts for each individual build, but the fact that they stock 98 percent of their website’s catalog in-house in their Michigan inventory warehouse means they can ship most orders within 24 business hours.

In addition to Dan’s driving career, the Baber couple’s boys have followed in their footsteps with a love of all things LS and LT. The oldest, Tyler Baber, age 30, founded 269 Motorsports Performance Products in 2014 which also centers around providing LS parts to the market. His LS-swap 1989 Ford Mustang, known as “The Notch,” is a truly street-legal car easily capable of running 7-second quarter-mile elapsed times and is often used as a test mule for the industry’s latest advancements in LS parts.

Dalton Shearer, 29, works alongside Dan every day at Michigan Motorsports. Dalton takes an active role in the company’s marketing, photography, social media, and overall operations while his wife, Becky, and son Carter, often help out at races and events.

Finally, Darren Shearer, 25, obtained his Business Economics and Management degree from Albion College. Although he is currently employed in the banking industry, Darren was a part of Michigan Motorsports throughout his high school and college years, and still steps in from time to time to assist as needed.

“When you choose to shop with Michigan Motorsports, you choose to support a small business run by enthusiasts who are just as passionate about the LS platform as you are,” noted Dan. “We still race on a weekly basis and we do it together as a family, testing every part we sell so that our customers can be sure what they’re getting is authentic, reliable, and race-proven.”

From the 1,000-plus LS camshafts in stock from major manufacturers such as Brian Tooley Racing, Texas Speed, GM OEM stock replacements, and even Michigan Motorsports’ custom grinds, to complete rotating assemblies, engine internals, and a plethora of maintenance parts and pieces from brands like ARP, Bosch, HP Tuners, Injector Dynamics, MAHLE, Motion Raceworks, NGK, and more, customers can expect to enjoy great pricing, quick shipping, and excellent service.

For LS and LT performance enthusiasts who want to shop with their peers while showing support for a family-owned business, Michigan Motorsports is proving that the American Dream is still alive and well by providing a truly winning combination with its huge selection, low prices, and unparalleled customer service.