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LS Drift Camshafts

Michigan Motorsports Drift Camshafts

Michigan Motorsports' Drift Camshaft lineup has been developed specifically to fill the needs of the growing drifting market. But don't be fooled, these cams are also a great choice for any application that is looking for tire shredding power. The camshafts in this line-up have a very aggressive sound along with a profile that brings in the power where it matters most. This lineup has offerings to cover everything from daily drivers to full competition vehicles with large displacement strokers.  

Stage 2 cams are ideal for aggressive sounding daily street driven vehicles 

Stage 3 cams add even more lope/power and are excellent for weekend driven vehicles

Stage 4 cams are for those looking for the nastiest sound/power possible while using a stock shortblock.

Stage 5 cams are ultra aggressive and developed for those that have aftermarket pistons with valve reliefs for the extra PTV clearance that is needed for these camshafts.