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Coil Brackets and Relocation

Michigan Motorsports LS Coil Brackets and Relocation Harnesses

We have Coil Relocation Kits for all styles of LS coils. Our kits take the guess work out of what you need. They are matched with the correct coils, harnesses and brackets, so you can have the confidence in knowing that you're getting the exact fit for your application. In addition, we also sell the individual coils, harnesses or brackets by themselves.

Please note that all the LS coils are interchangeable and can be used on any LS platform.  For example, the D585 Heat Sink Truck coils can be used on a LS1 motor that originally used a D580 coil as long as the correct coil wiring harness and bracket is used to fit the D585 Coils.

Our chart below will better assist with identifying your coils. coil-bracket-guide-6.jpg