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Texas Speed LS/Vortec Truck Camshafts

 Texas Speed's Low Lift Truck Camshafts are very economical since they can use the LS6 single beehive valve springs. You will not find a better price on a cam package than this one! Very economical with respectable horsepower and torque gains, and were developed specifically for the truck/SUV market. Custom tuning is required for optimal power and driving characteristics. Like all of Michigan Motorsports' Cam packages, we have paired the Camshafts with matching Springs, Pushrods, and Installation Gaskets. 

Texas Speed's High Lift Truck Camshafts use proprietary lobe profiles that are designed to work with any single or dual valve spring kit that is rated to support at least .600" valve lift. These lobes were designed with maximum valvetrain stability and longevity in mind while keeping the valvetrain as quiet as possible.

Looking for the sickest sounding truck cam on the market? Look no further than the BFD lineup. These camshafts were developed for one thing in mind: A nasty chop at idle. It just so happens they also make tons of power!